Calling on all residents ages 50 and over, join bike share today with a limited time promotion. Enjoy your fist two months free followed by a one time special promotional rate of $10 per month. This plan incudes unlimited 30 minute rides or less.

Bikeshare is a  viable transportation option that provides economic, health and ultimate convenience benefits. By taking part in this special offer you can gain the benefits of bikeshare and a healthier lifestyle which could improve .

  • Mental health
  • Promotes better nights rest
  • Builds positive mental health
  • Increased heart health



An introductory period of two months at no cost, you can cancel any time. After your first two month free you will be eligible for a one time special promotional rate of $10 per month. You must maintain your membership in order to keep this one time offer.


Get unlimited rides lasting under 30 minutes. Return your bicycle to any station within 30 minutes of rental at no additional cost. What to keep riding longer no problem, each additional 30 minutes or less is only $4.50

How to use HIBIKE


Visit any one of our stations in Kona or Hilo an unlock a bike using your HIBIKE pass or the PBSC APP on your smart phone.

A complimentary HIBIKE Pass is included with all memberships and will be received in the mail. This is the quickest and fastest way to unlock a bike. It is as easy as:

  1. Find the card slot on the docking point to the left of the bike you select and inset your card all the way in.
  2. Wait for the light to turn from yellow to green.
  3. Pull backwards on your bike to remove.

To use the PBSC app, download for Android or Apple by searching your store for “PBSC”

  1. Once downloaded and at a station. Select the station on the map which you would like to get a bike from.
  2. Click the unlock button.
  3. Enter the 5 digit code into the key pad to the left of the bike on the docking point.
  4. Wait for the light to turn from yellow to green.
  5. Pull backwards on your bike to remove.


Enjoy your ride and once you are done return to any station.


Push your bike into any dock to lock it. Once you see the green light your trip has ended. The green light is the only indication that your trip has ended. Leave it worry-free, we will have a bike available again when your ready to ride.


Select “plan name” plan during plan selection

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